Cosmetics - Luxury

SIO / ATLD is a French leader in the following sectors :

  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumery
  • Hygiene and Beauty
  • Luxury industry

Our quality and customer service performances have lead major companies to consider us as their main partner for decoration and finishing.

We offer Full Service suited to your needs : supply of various kinds of bottles and jars, graphic design services, special inks and more...

For your packaging of all kinds (bottles, jars, pots, tubes, closures and caps, boxes...) and according to your specifications, we offer a wide variety of marking and decorating processes.


  • tubes bleutés 5
  • al oudh 3
  • flacons carrés
  • ensemblePET 1 3
  • DUPONT ENCRIER 100 dpi Cor 265x200 px
  • albane copie
  • optima2
  • mugler copie 2

Screen-printing for low and mid-volume production

Organic inks, enamels, precious metals, special inks


Hot Stamping