Machines & Equipment

Since 1979 SIO has been developing high-technical skills and unique special techniques :

screen-printing, pad-printing, laser engraving, high precision painting, optics, retro-lighting, inks and paintings (fluorescent, azurent...), precision assemblies (bonding, setting ...).

Our EN 9100 based Quality Management, associated with a deeply rooted culture of zero defect, enables us to master and reproduce specific, often manual, procedures, with increased reliability..

With a staff of nearly 50 qualified personnel, all of them highly trained in our techniques, SIO ATLD can deliver above standard craftsmanship which are your guarantee for perfect work.


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Paint and lacquer booths

Semi-automated and automated screen-printing

Pad-printing 1 to 5 colors

Laser engraving and cutting

Hot stamping

Precision screen-printing